Blue/white knitted socks

Finished these at the first knit and crochet cafe after the Christmas break. In the picture the white looks almost beige, but in reality I would say it is a very, very pale blue. But it’s supposed to be white. The yarn was released last year I think, to celebrate Finland’s 100 years of independence. Many Finns knitted these socks last year.

So it was the first time I tried another heel than the one I usually knit. I watched a Swedish tutorial on Youtube. Some larger holes in the heel, but I might try to sew a few stitches to make them smaller later.

I finished the socks quite early in the evening, and I only had that yarn with me. So the rest of the time I started knitting wrist warmers. You’ll see when they are done. Probably going to take a while, because I have no pattern to follow. And I want to focus on the cross stitched bookmarks now.



2nd cross stitch diary, day 70


All cross stitches done! 😀 I made the last ones this morning. In the picture is now the areas that need back stitches. I’ll start in a little while.

It was so frustrating, though. I had done this much of the Santa hat:


Then I ran completely out of red thread! 😦 In the kit was 31 meters of red. Could they not put 32 m?

I have a ton of left over threads. But finding the right shade for the last 18 cross stitches was really hard. Some were too light and some too dark. I think I found the right one at last, or at least really close:


It’s the first five vertical lines of red from the left (top of the Santa hat). I compared the threads under a bright lamp.

Last, I finished my niece’s Christmas gift socks this morning:

She has slightly longer foot than me (and she’s 12 years!), so they should fit her feet.

I’ll start back stitching in a few hours.

A bit of this and that

Well, I wanted to make an update on what I’m doing.

I am crocheting the blanket from the previous post. It now measures about 72 cm. Haven’t decided how long it will be yet. I’ll just keep crocheting a bit more and see where I end up. I am working on my third green stripe.

I’ve mentioned cross stitching bookmarks. One is finished and one is maybe 70-80% done. I’ll show you when both are done. Maybe on the weekend.

I knit socks for my niece. It’s the first time I knit with different balls of yarn and creating a pattern. One sock is almost done and I’m sure I’ll make the other one faster when I don’t have to wait for the knit and crochet café on Mondays to ask the teacher how to make the sock.

Today I got something fun in the mail, which I’m super excited about! 😀


A large piece of Aida fabric and lots of thread! Can’t wait to get started!

I better start today. The sooner I start, the better it is. I did decide to make a new cross stitch diary, so I hope you will want to come back and see what I have been cross stitching.

I will not show you the picture. It will be a surprise. Just a little hint: I got lots of red threads and I really hope I’m finished in mid-December… 😉 It will be 63 x 27,5 cm.

I’d better get started now! 🙂 I will post my first cross stitch diary later tonight if I have had time to start cross stitching. Quite a lot of measuring and counting in the beginning to make sure you position it correctly. 🙂 And it is already 6 pm. But I do hope I will make the first stitches of this tonight.

Knitted socks

I haven’t finished anything creative in ages! But today I’ve done a lot of knitting and was able to finish these socks! 😀

It is the same yarn that I use every time I knit. This color was called “Marja”, which is the Finnish word for berry. I don’t know what berries the yarn is supposed to look like. May be raspberry for the dark pink and blueberry for the dark blue.

I am watching the first semifinal for the Eurovision song contest right now, so I think I will start crocheting some small animals to stay awake. I want to see if Finland makes it to the final on Saturday! 🙂

Knitted socks for my niece :)


I just finished the knitted socks for my niece Wilma! 🙂 In the picture I put my own socks in the same color for comparison. The top part of my socks have stretched so much. They have the same number of stitches per row (48 separated on four needles = 12 on each needle), but one has 15 cm and the other 25 cm before the heel.

I should try to wash them in the washing machine. Then they might shrink a little. Wilma’s socks looks so narrow, because no one has used them.

Mum will take the socks to grand mum tomorrow, where my sister will be too. So my sister will take them home tomorrow. Wilma is at gymnastics camp out of town, so she will get the socks when she comes home late on Saturday. She was here when one sock was finished, so she tried it on. The size is good.

On to the next project then… But I don’t think it will be knitting. 🙂



Knitted socks!


Well, how could I resist knitting socks with these lovely blue/white colors? My favorite color is blue! 😀 I didn’t make them identical, because the pattern was so irregular. I don’t know where the pattern repeats itself. So I just started where the first sock ended.

But now I am not going to knit any socks for a while. My next knitting project, which I started tonight, right after the socks were done, is this:


It’s going to be leg warmers for my niece Wilma. She will get them for Christmas. She loves wearing socks and leg warmers every night during these cold months, and she asked for a pair of leg warmers. Mum already knitted a pair and she has been using them a lot, but she wished for an other pair to change with.

It’s a little dark, with lots of purple, dark pink and dark blue. But I think she will like them. I’ll show you when they are done. But she wanted them to be 30 centimeters, so it means I am going to have to knit a total of 60 cm! Right now I might have around five centimeters.

Mum is knitting leg warmers for my sister, using the same colored yarn as my knitted mittens. So her leg warmers are going to be different shades of grey, white and a little red.


Knitted socks etc.

As promised, here are pictures of the socks etc. I have knitted.

I don’t remember in which order I made them. I think I might have started with the rainbow socks, then the pink camouflage, the ones above (which was called parrot) and then the yellow/orange/pink/white, which I made recently. That yarn was called candy.

I don’t remember at which point I made the leg warmers or the hand warmers. I don’t use the leg warmers so much. I mostly use the socks and the hand warmers.

Oh, and I did a pair of socks for my niece too, which are like the pink camouflage in purple shades. I think the purple ones were the first pair I made, before last Christmas. So all of the above are from this year. I probably finished the rainbow ones in January.

I also have another two pairs of knitted socks that I have been given for Christmas.

It took a few socks before I could make the heel. Mum made the heel on the first two pairs, I think (or three pairs if you count the niece’s socks too). And I still cannot make the toe part. I try to reduce the number of stitches, but I can not pull the yarn tight enough. It looks like big holes in the sock. 😦

The leg warmers I made just as I did the first part of the socks, but with more stitches in each round. They don’t stretch at the other end, where I stopped knitting, so I always have to put that side around the ankle.

The hand warmers I also made like socks (the first part), but then they are smooth (I don’t know the English knitting terms). I had problems figuring out how to make the hole for the thumb, but eventually got it. The last part of the hand warmers (after the thumb) is a bit stretchy. When I do 2 + 2 on the beginning of the socks, I did 1 + 1 on the end of the hand warmers. (Two of one stitch, then two of the other kind of stitch etc.)

I use the same kind of yarn for all the knitted things (Novita 7 brothers). I also used 7 brothers for the blankets I have crocheted. The yarn changes colors automatically, so I don’t have to think about changing to another yarn. I don’t know how to change to a new yarn when I knit.

I would like to knit something else too (like a cap or mittens). Ultimately I would like to be able to knit dolls or things like that, but that’s very far into the future. First I need to know how to make the toe part of the sock…

Well, we’ll see what I knit next. I don’t plan to knit anything during the remaining year, but you never know. I might change my mind quickly, especially if I get my hands on a beautiful yarn. 😉