Ongoing crochet project


This is my big crochet project at the moment. ๐Ÿ˜ƒI have folded it in half in the picture.

The starting row consisted of 199 chain stitches! I had to start over a couple of times when I thought I had 199 stitches and then at the end of row 1, after adding lots and lots of treble stitches (double stitches) it didn’t match up! โ˜น๏ธ But I finally started adding stitch markers on every 50th stitch, so it was easier to count. Why didn’t I do that the first time?

Well, this is my third blanket. ๐Ÿ™‚ As you can see I have white between every colored stripes and I have five colors (well, six colors; white is a color too…) I am now doing the pink again, repeating the color combo. So after pink, I will make white and then blue again etc.

I have crochet about 33 cm so far, having started in August (don’t remember the exact date). The width is about 95 cm, plus some sort of edge later when the lenght is right. I haven’t decided the length yet.

It depends on the yarns I have. I know that they sell white, pink and orange in the shops, but I’m not sure about blue, green and purple. They may not be available any more… I have lots of yarn in plastic bags. I might find more of the yarn I need. I could also try and ask the members of the knit & crochet cafรฉ that started again last Monday.

It has a soft wavy pattern, increasing at the tops and decreasing in the valleys.

I crochet three rows of each color before moving to a new color. The pattern is from a Finnish magazine called Kauneimmat kรคsityรถt (1/2016) but I am using an other type of yarn and not the same colors. I don’t remember what size their blanket was. I crochet with the same brand as the previous blankets and the socks (Novita, 7 brothers, or 7 veljestรค as it is called in Finnish.

If I’m having a good day, I can crochet maybe 3-6 rows per day. There are nearly 200 stitches per row, so one row takes quite some time!

Other things I’m doing is the earlier mentioned bookmarks, but I have not done much to those yet. I started crocheting a little bear at the knit & crochet cafรฉ on Monday, but haven’t done anything else to it during the rest of the week. I might crochet a little later tonight.

But now I am going to finish the second row of pink. ๐Ÿ™‚


Knitted socks of leftover yarn

Tonight I finished knitting these socks with leftover yarn. ๐Ÿ™‚ I was a little unsure of whether I had enough yarn, especially the pink yarn. But I did. As you can see, not much remains of the yarn. I have more of the purple yarn.

I have socks that I have knitted with the pink yarn. I think I knitted socks for my niece Wilma with the purple yarn.

When I wear the socks, you can’t really see the pink part, because the pants are covering the pink part, so it looks like I have just purple socks. ๐Ÿ™‚

It’s the first time I have used two different yarns. At first I thought they looked kind of weird, but now I have gotten used to them. I will wear them as many times as the other socks that I have knitted.

Both yarns are called Polka and made by Novita. That’s why the stripes are similar, although you can’t see the pink pattern as good, because of how it was knitted.

I don’t know if I will knit socks with leftover yarns again. May be sometime in the future. But not for a while. ๐Ÿ™‚


Moominmamma crochet

Moominmamma is done! ๐Ÿ˜€ Here she is:

The handbag and the apron were easy to crochet. The handbag has a little metal bead that is shaped like a rosebud. I thought it looked cute. You can’t see it in the picture, though. The handbag can be opened, but I don’t know what to put in it. It has to be something very small. So it will remain empty. ๐Ÿ™‚

So now I have Moomin, Snorkmaiden, Moominpappa and Moominmamma. That’s the four main characters. I am happy I have now made the four. Because I am using a yarn that can hardly be found anymore in the stores. I thought I would run out of white yarn, but I searched through all my yarns and managed to find some more white.

I stocked up on the yarns when there were plenty of them in the stores. Originally I was planning to crochet the African flower blanket in this yarn, but I didn’t like the way they turned out. So I started to use the yarns to crochet other things (small amigurumis). As I wrote, I am almost out of white yarn, but I don’t think I will need much for the rest of the characters. There are of course the hattifatteners that are white, but they are small, so I can easily do one or two of them with the white that I have.

Next I will make Sniff. He is a brown animal with big ears and he also has a tail, just like the Moomins. He has whiskers. You’ll see in some days, whenever I am done! ๐Ÿ™‚

I already made one ear for Sniff and is almost done with the other ear. But I don’t think I will do anything more tonight. It’s getting late, but I am going to watch something on TV before going to bed. I will continue with Sniff tomorrow.

New year, new projects

Happy New Year! ๐Ÿ˜€

It is now January 1, 2017. I spent the midnight knitting socks! ๐Ÿ™‚ I spent quite a long time at my sister’s house this evening (from 6 pm to 11 pm). We got home at 11.30. I almost immediately started knitting. It’s a good method to stay awake. I am sure I would fall asleep almost at once if I put my head on the pillow.

My niece wished for some long socks that she can use when she skates. She will fold them over the skates, I think. I am sure she will use them other times as well. Today she was wearing a pair of purple knitted socks that I knitted a year ago! They are pretty worn out by now.

This is what I have knitted so far:


I have knitted socks for myself with this yarn, and the yarn in the picture was left over. I will knit as much as possible with this yarn, and then I will buy a new yarn from the store, with the same colors of course.

I am not sure if the store where I get the yarns is open tomorrow or not. Or I should say today, as it is past midnight. It’s almost 1ย am.

Usually I knit 15 cm before starting on the heel. My niece want these to be 25 cm before the heel starts.

She is 11 years now and my feet are the same length as her feet! I am sure she will soon have longer feet than me. ๐Ÿ™‚ We measured the foot, so I know how long they need to be. She wanted them a centimeter longer than her foot is now. That way she can wear them for a long time.

I am sure I will do lots of crafty things this year! ๐Ÿ˜€ I would like to learn how to knit better than I do now. I mean, I want to knit dolls, and may be something else. I will for sure knit leg warmers and I also want to make arm warmers that are longer than the ones I have know.

And then there is of course crocheting, cross stitching and all sorts of other crafts! ๐Ÿ˜€


Merry Christmas! :D

Merry Christmas to all who reads this! ๐Ÿ˜€

In Finland (and some other countries) Christmas is celebrated on December 24. So today we get gifts from Santa Claus, eat dinner and meet relatives and family. It’s also a tradition to go to the cemetery/grave yard, whatever you want to call it, and put candles on some graves.

My sister will come and get us in about 30 minutes, we will go to the grave yard first and then to her house to eat dinner and later in the day open the gifts that Santa left under the tree… Well, Santa left some here too, that we will take with us. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Anyway, I have been knitting like a maniac… I really wanted to finish these socks:


The yarn is called Joulu, which is Finnish for Christmas. ๐Ÿ˜€ I finished the socks at noon and now it is 1 pm. I am wearing them now and I am going to wear them all day! Many other days too of course. The yarn is only sold in December in a couple of stores in town.

For the first time, ever, I have finished the socks myself! ๐Ÿ˜€ It doesn’t look as good as when mum finishes the socks, but it’s okay.

The other thing I wanted to show here is the wreath (if you can call it that) that I have on the door to my bedroom:


This is something I made last year (if it wasn’t 2014…) I don’t really remember when I did it. It’s a very long strand of crocheted chain stitches, wrapped and glued around a styrofoam ring. I also added a ribbon.

For the teddy bear I made a Santa hat and a scarf of fleece and cotton. I also made the little gift that he is holding in his hands. I think I glued the hands to the gift or attached it with a little stitch.

Well, better get myself ready. And I’ll cut a couple of herrings for the cat, so he can eat them while we are gone (pretty much the rest of the day).


Knitted socks!


Well, how could I resist knitting socks with these lovely blue/white colors? My favorite color is blue! ๐Ÿ˜€ I didn’t make them identical, because the pattern was so irregular. I don’t know where the pattern repeats itself. So I just started where the first sock ended.

But now I am not going to knit any socks for a while. My next knitting project, which I started tonight, right after the socks were done, is this:


It’s going to be leg warmers for my niece Wilma. She will get them for Christmas. She loves wearing socks and leg warmers every night during these cold months, and she asked for a pair of leg warmers. Mum already knitted a pair and she has been using them a lot, but she wished for an other pair to change with.

It’s a little dark, with lots of purple, dark pink and dark blue. But I think she will like them. I’ll show you when they are done. But she wanted them to be 30 centimeters, so it means I am going to have to knit a total of 60 cm! Right now I might haveย around five centimeters.

Mum is knitting leg warmers for my sister, using the same colored yarn as my knitted mittens. So her leg warmers are going to be different shades of grey, white and a little red.


Moomin crochet

This is a Moomintroll I started crocheting on the knit and crochet cafรฉ on Monday evening. I finished him last night. ๐Ÿ™‚

It was pretty easy to crochet the troll. I used a Finnish book called “Mukavat Muumiamigurumit” (by Laura von Knorring). The book had many clear images how to crochet certain parts and how to make the tail (which is not crocheted).

The Moomintroll turned out a little larger than I expected, but that’s because I used a thicker yarn than was suggested in the book. The ears, arms and legs were crocheted with a thinner hook (2.5 mm) while the head and body was made with a 3.0 mm hook.

I will crochet more Moomin characters from the book, but first I must see if I have enough of the white yarn. It’s a yarn called Novita Miami and it’s hard to find these days. I bought several balls of yarn months or years ago when there were a lot of them in stores. So I think I have enough white yarn. I might find some in a store as well. But some stores don’t sell this yarn anymore.

I will crochet the Snorkmaiden next. She is made in the same way as the Moomintroll. You just add a little yellow hair and a golden ring. Other characters I will make are Moominpappa, Moominmamma, Sniff, Little My, Hemulen, Snufkin and a few Hattifatteners.

If the Moomins are unfamiliar to you (which I hope they are not!), here is a link to the Moomin site where you can read about the characters:

Moomin characters in English

If you have never read a Moomin book you really should do it! Moomin was created by the Swedish speaking Finn Tove Jansson (in the 1940’s I think). I am not sure, but I think there are 9 or 10 books that she wrote about the Moomins. Then there are of course countless versions of animated series (on TV, DVD, YouTube), and lots of children’s picture books as well. Tove Jansson also created comic strips about Moomin. I think she wrote and drew the comics with her brother.

My favorite Moomin character is Little My.

Well, I might start with Snorkmaiden later today.